The 29-year-old was wearing an Outrageous Guidelines themed outfit for the occasion, and lost her bat beyond the ring.

At the point when Liv Morgan pronounced her longing to wrestle Ronda Rousey in an Outrageous Guidelines match at WWE's advantageously named "Premium Live Occasion," Outrageous Principles, it was continuously going to be a daunting struggle to hold her belt.

Of course, Morgan has demonstrated her no-nonsense qualification fairly in the leadup to the match, as her hotshot spot with Lacey Evans will live everlastingly in her promotion bundle, however she's set to wrestle perhaps of the most genuinely prevailing proficient contender ever, and, surprisingly, a homerun stick won't be sufficient to conquer a lady's whose whole body can be utilized as a weapon.

In any case, Morgan walked down to the ring with her bat in an Outrageous Standards themed outfit and gave it her best swing, hitting Rousey with a couple of good shots prior to losing her bat beyond the ring and watching her possibilities winning fall thus.

Everything began when Rousey got the bat outside the ring, where she hit Morgan with a "Bryce Howard" swing, as Michael Cole would agree. While Morgan attempted to counter that swing, in addition to a consistent pounding of hits while attached up close to the means with a fan-mentioned table, reproducing her SmackDown senton in a noteworthy spot simultaneously,