Multifaceted Maven

Beyond her acting and dancing prowess, Malaika is a skilled VJ and TV presenter, showcasing her versatility.


Fitness Aficionado

Known for her svelte figure, Malaika is a fitness enthusiast who co-founded the yoga studio, Diva Yoga.


Her iconic dance in the song "Chaiyya Chaiyya" atop a moving train made cinematic history.

Brought Chaiyya Chaiyya to Life


Malaika has not just walked the ramp; she's also a successful fashion entrepreneur with her own clothing line.

Fashionista Extraordinaire:


Despite her busy schedule, Malaika is a dedicated mother to her son, proving that balancing work and family is an art she has mastered.

Parenting Priorities:


Surprisingly, Malaika has a keen interest in economics and completed her college studies in the field.

Arts and Commerce:


Malaika's commitment to yoga goes beyond her studio; she's an ambassador for several wellness brands.

Yoga Ambassador


Her Instagram is a testament to her love for exploring exotic destinations and experiencing diverse cultures.

Love for Travel


Malaika supports various charitable causes, making a positive impact on society.

Philanthropic Heart


Few know that Malaika is a skilled cook, often whipping up delectable dishes for her close ones.

Cooking Connoisseur